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Many runners enjoy exploring new routes when they are travelling or looking for a change in routine. Most runners tend to look for something scenic, by greenery or water, away from the pollution and traffic of cars. To find new routes, they often ask other runners, or look in guidebooks or on websites. The actively mobile "Route Finder" service connects runners to new routes and provides an audio tour tailored to tourism on the run. Runners can access the route finder from their Actively Mobile phone, which knows where they are. They can select their current location or a new location, and view a selection of routes in their area, based on their mileage preferences. They can view details, comments, and a map for each route, and choose the route that suits their mood. When they select a route, an audio track is downloaded to their phone, and they receive sms instructions on how to arrive at the starting point from where they are.

At the start of the route they start the audio guide, by pressing the play/pause button or saying, "guide start." As they run along their new route, the guide introduces them to the scenery around them, instructing them on where to turn and what to expect to see. The guide is calibrated to the runners' average speed and knows their location through GPS, so it provides a seamless audio experience. If the runners want to pause the guide for any reason, however, then can use the play/pause button or say "guide pause." The guide is automatically paused if a phone call comes in, and can be restarted, or skipped forward or back at any point

The "Route Finder" service can be paired with various third parties to provide specialized route types and audio guides. For example, an outdoors magazine can offer nature tours or trails runs, and a city guide such as Time Out could provide tourist guides for visiting runners.






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