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Some runners, especially competitive ones, depend on quantitative data to measure their performance and push themselves further. For these runners Actively Mobile provides several ways to track performance and analyze their progress. The integration of functionality within the Actively Mobile device makes this possible. Runners can access a log of their past workouts through the Actively Mobile application on their mobile phone or a computer. They can compare their run times, distance, speed, and heart rate to the goals that they preset, and enter additional information about their workout. They also can visualize the relationship between the different types of data, for example how their speed affects their heart rate, and how their distance affects their pace.

In addition to basic data tracking, runners can use the GPS functionality to tag locations on their route for automatic feedback. For example, within my regular route, I might run three laps in a park. The tagging feature would allow me to tag the start and end points of the first lap, at which time I would hear my time and pace for that lap. As I complete my second and third lap, Actively Mobile tells me my time and pace again, and automatically compares my performance: Time - "10'32. Average pace - 9.2 min per mile. 46 seconds faster than last recorded time." Or for example, runners who jog home from work everyday can tag their start and end points, in this case their office and home, and automatically hear feedback on their pace from day to day. "Time - 44'15. Average heart rate -136 BPM. 7 BPM higher than last recorded heart rate." Runners can preference the feedback they are given in the setup screens, and delete their tags at any point. (Creating new tags automatically deletes the last set of tags.)

Runners can also configure the Actively Mobile device to automatically send their workout data to another mobile phone or computer while they are running. Those who are training for a race can sign up with an Actively Mobile trainer, who can help them plan their workouts, analyze their results, and even provide remote coaching during a run by tracking the runners' performance online.

There are many opportunities for third-party collaborations with the Virtual Trainer service. For example, recognized running experts and training centers could provide their services through the Actively Mobile system; or alternatively, runners enrolled in other virtual training programs from trusted brands such as Nike or Runner's World could automatically feed their data into their existing training log.







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