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Users can preset a preferred workout program before they head out the door. They can see the details of their last run and their current preferences for each feature of the system on the status screen of the Actively Mobile application, accessed from their mobile phone or a
few clicks they can change their goal running time, the music they want to listen to, or the callers who can get through while they are running.

The application saves the runners' preferences to the device, and once the device knows their preferences, it responds to their needs without requiring additional attention. If the runners need to over-ride a preset preference, to disable call filtering, for example, they can do so through the navigation wheel.

Following is an example of the runner's path through the
setup screens:

on a run in training
with a friend on holiday

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From the status screen, the runner opts to change the first line, "running time" From this screen he can turn the timekeeping feature on and off, change the time, and his feedback options. He turns the chronometer on, and selects the selects the time.
He inputs a new time - 60 minutes. And changes the feedback to automatically announce his running time at every mile. He returns to the status screen and can see that his goal time is set. He keeps the other settings as they were, and exits the application.








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