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actively mobile
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Actively Mobile
A mobile solution for runners

Project by:
Jennifer Bove

Interaction Design
Institute Ivrea

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**Update - May 25 2006**

Similar products launch from Apple/
Nike & Microsoft:

Nike Plus
MT Trainer

They don't deal with the affordances of the
device as much as the data it provides,
but it's a great start nonethless!

Neil Churcher
Heather Martin
Massimo Banzi

This project would not
have been possible
without the support
of these people.

Actively Mobile integrates traditional training tools with new mobile services, and enables voice communication with control. Because it is designed specifically for running, it is easy to use and supports the mindset of the runner in motion. Through a small device worn on the arm, wrist, or hip, the runer can access functionality only available currently by carrying several devices: a stopwatch, speedometer, heart rate montior, GPS, MP3 player, and mobile phone. Integrating these features creates new opportunities to support the running experience, including specialized servces desgined to aid motivation and performance.



Actively Mobile
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